, Guatemala


Date Event Category Location

Entre Cañones (Tecpán-Patzún)

Beginner/intermediate day ride in Tecpán

MTB Guatemala


Date Event Category Location
07/08- 07/09

Tecpán - Pana the route of the Kaqchikel

Two day ride including accommodation at Lake Atitlán

MTB Guatemala
07/16- 07/17

Río Motagua Camp Out!

Join us on our unique trip to Río Motagua and enjoy one of the most beautiful descents of the region!

MTB Guatemala
07/22- 07/23

Bosque de los 48 Cantones (Totonicapán-Quiché)

2 day enduro epic – discover the extraordinary Bosque de los 48 Cantones in Totonicapán!

MTB Guatemala

Ruta de Fresas

Join us on our beginner ride and get to know Tecpán on two wheels!

MTB Guatemala
07/29- 08/01

Cuchumatanes Enduro Epic (4 Days)

Join us on our 4-day enduro epic to the Cuchumatanes and head into the most extraordinary regions of the Western Highlands!

MTB Guatemala


Date Event Category Location
08/20- 08/21

2 Day Lake Atitlán Point to Point Enduro

Two days of technical shuttle supported riding from our base in the mountains of Tecpan connecting the many trails above Lake Atitlán.

MTB Guatemala


Date Event Category Location
09/04- 09/11

Expedicion Baja Verapaz (7 Days)

Join us for an exclusive seven day point to point seven ride connecting new mountain bike regions in the desert of Guatemala

MTB Guatemala


Date Event Category Location
10/27- 11/02

MTB Guatemala Day of the Dead Enduro 2022

10/27 – 11/02 – Join us for 5 days of epic gravity assisted riding in Guatemala along with local celebration and culture!

MTB Guatemala


Date Event Category Location

MTB Guatemala - Festival de Barriletes Gigantes

11/1/2022 Travesía to the Giant Kite Festival in Sumpango

MTB Guatemala

Cumbre al Mar El Paredon

Ride from the mountains to the sea in one epic downhill

MTB Guatemala
11/24- 11/27

Todos Santos Enduro Tour

Our annual trip to the Cuchumatanes mountains in Northern Guatemala join us at the frontier…

MTB Guatemala