Las Nubes
A visit to Las Nubes is is like stepping back in time. A mere 20km from Guatemala City the area is home to large mountains that rise to 2600m. The area is full of pine reserves, logging trails, old fincas and dairy operations.
True to its name the mountains Las Nubes are usually covered in perpetual fog with beautiful landscapes that are green and humid. On the rare chance that it is clear from you can get views of Guatemala city as well as the volcanoes of Antigua including the active Fuego and Pacaya Volcanoes.

Riders take a break with views of volcanoes Auga, Acatenango and Fuego. Las Nubes, San José Pinula, Guatemala (2426.6 m)Brendan James ©2019

Mountain Biking in Las Nubes

In terms of proximity to Guatemala City the riding of Las Nubes region is unparalleled. No where you find better trails for cross country mountain biking so close to the city.  There are several mountain bike races held in the area each year including the 4 fetcha of El Rey de Los Cerros mountain bike Marathon series as well as the Raid Guatemala Stage race.

In Las Nubes there are hundreds of agricultural, logging and farm paths criss cross the region. The climb to the summit of Las Nubes at 2600m is well worth the effort with incredible 1200m+ singletrack descents that drop down to la tierra caliente – Guatemala’s hot lowlands.