MTB Guatemala Base Camp

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Located at 2700m in the mountains of Tecpán the MTB Guatemala Base Camp is our exclusive center of operations for all things mountain biking! Situated inside a pinabete plantation of 4km² we have access to dozens of our own private trails. It’s the perfect place to enjoy an escape from it all.

After a fun day on the bike – finish with a campfire with simple amenities: gourmet camp food and incomparable views of Lake Atilán and the active Fuego Volcano.

Camp and Amenities

A former logging camp and pinabete operation we have restored the cabin and can comfortably host small groups up to 10 people. The cabin is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom hot water and solar electricity. Guests have access to local chefs and gourmet grill of the region.

All services are provided onsite to keep your group isolated and costs low!

Select your Weekend Package

Camp Package 1

  • Facility / Trail Access
  • 1 Night of Camping
  • Group Breakfast

Camp Package 2

  • Facility / Trail Access
  • 1 Night of Camping
  • Private Chef
  • Professionally Prepared Meals (Dinner, Breakfast)

Prices do not include camping equipment or bike rental

Group Camping Discounts

Private2-5 Persons6+ Persons
StandardGTQ 150 /ppGTQ 150 /ppGTQ 100 /pp
LuxuryGTQ 275 /ppGTQ 250 /ppGTQ 225 /pp

Unmatched views of the Guatemalan Highlands

From the MTB Guatemala Base Camp you can enjoy a direct view of the Lake Atitlán Caldera with a panorama of ten volcanoes stretching from Santa Mará in Quetzaltenango to the active Fuego and Pacaya. On clear mornings there is a view all the way to the ocean and the Pacific coast!

The site is ideal to pass the afternoon with space for the entire family. Evenings are full of big views away from artificial light for admiring the constellations or searching for shooting stars in the sky.

Sustainable and Off the Grid

Located several kilometers from the nearest town we needed to make the camp self-sufficient and ecologically sustainable. With collaboration from Greenergyze the cabin runs on 100% renewable solar energy with high efficiency lighting and charging for electronics. All waste is managed on the site with recycling and an emphasis on renewable materials.

Mountain Bike Day Packages

MTB Day Package 1


Beginner / Intermediate Route Designed to your level

  • 7am-2pm
  • Professional Guide
  • Traditional Breakfast
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Mechanical Support
  • Parking

MTB Day Package 2


Advanced Route

Shuttle support designed to your level

  • 7am – 2pm
  • Professional Guide
  • Driver
  • Traditional Breakfast
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Transport / Shuttle
  • Mechanical Support
  • Parking

Prices do not include bike rental

MTB Group Discounts

Private2-5 Persons6+ Persons
StandardGTQ 350 /ppGTQ 300 /ppGTQ 250 /pp
EnduroGTQ 500 /ppGTQ 400 /ppGTQ 300 /pp

MTB Guatemala Base Camp – Trail Development

After the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 we knew we needed to find a safe private place for our clients and to operate our tours. For over 4 years we have been guiding in the mountains of Tecpán and are lovers of the cool climate, pine forests and central location between Antigua and Lake Atitlán

In July 2020 after months of searching we were able to make contact with the owners of the abandoned cabin and began renovations. Located within 4km² of private property Mountain Bike Guatemala has exclusive access to an enormous area that is both safe and secure.

MTB Guatemala Base Camp

We immediately got to work with the communities to secure the access and permissions needed.

The terrain below the camp has over 600 vertical meters of relief, dropping into steep river canyons perfect for enduro mountain biking and shuttle runs.

On the property we cleaned and restored the water system, installing hot water in the bathrooms and solar electricity in the cabins.

Exclusive Access for Mountain Biking

Situated at 2700msn on top of a mountain with Panoramic views to the pacific Behind the camp are forested trails that lead to the summit of Cerro Tecpán at 3100msn with meandering routes for beginners and challenging climbs for XC enthusiasts.

Cool Days – Cold Nights

Our camp is home to a mountain climate with a view that is constantly changing. Night-time temperatures drop near freezing so bundle up! During the day temperatures rarely exceed 16°C. The unique climate of the region allows the trails to cross several climate zones in a short amount of distance From cool pine forests, deciduous cloud forest, to rocky, dry canyons rivers and streams.

MTB Guatemala Base Camp

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