Job Applications

We are preparing for a great season and are looking to fill several key positions in our company as domestic and international tourism continue to rise. We are serching for the right cantidates with a passion for the outdoor sports and travel who would like to join our fast growing company.

MTB Guatemala live on Duro Al Pedal

Discussing the future of the project, sustainable ecotourism and of course, mountain bike tours!

Wildnerness First Responder Training

Attending a 10 day wilderness first aid course in Santaigo Chile.

Los Cuchumatánes

This high mountain range is home to technical alpine riding. Some of the biggest mountain bike adventures in Guatemala can be found here.
Los Cuchumatánes , Guatemala

Mountain Bike Rentals

Quality bike rentals matter. Take a look at the bikes we offer with our tours - you made it to Guatemala - why ride a POS?


The Mayan heartland. High, pine forested mountains descend into a network of steep, dry canyons loaded with trails to explore.
Los Riscos de Momostenango, un bello capricho de la naturaleza  Totonicapán, Guatemala

Lake Atitlán

More than a lake - a region! Living Mayan culture and challenging mountain biking.
Rad volcanic views en route to Lake Atitlán.  chimaltenango, Guatemala


Located in a valley of Volcanoes Antigua Guatemala is home to hundreds of kilometers of steep agricultural singletrack.
, Guatemala