Riding Style
81.74 km (50.80 mi)
1748 m (5,735 ft)
-3920 m (-12,862 ft)
2,836 m (9,305 ft)
Max Alt.

Follow the route of the Kaqchikel Maya in our classic point to point Lake Atitlán mountain bike tour! This tour starts with a visit to the Mayan Ruins of Iximché, and finishes at the shores of Lake Atitlán. Experience a diversity climates and Mayan cultures in a single day from high-altitude pine forests, a labyrinth of dry canyons and small towns and finish at the shore of one oft he world’s most beautiful lakes!

There is no direct road to Lake from Tecpán – we will rely instead on an ancient network of Mayan footpaths dirt roads, and jeeptrack traversing a network of canyons. This is Mountain Bike Guatemala at its finest!


  • Reach Lake Atitlán via a remote and canyonous route
  • Visit the Mayan Ruins of Iximché
  • See one of the world’s most beautiful lakes from the saddle of your bike.
  • Cross through remote Mayan Communities
  • Views of the volcanoes of Antigua and Lake Atitlán
  • This route is 80% technical agricultural singletrack

Group Rates

2 PPL3-5 PPL6+ PPLPrivate
$395 USD
$375 USD
$350 USD
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Tecpán – Pana via la ruta de Kaqchikel

Today Begins with a visit to the ruins of Iximché where a local historian and guide will explain the history of the ruins from the postclassic Mayan period. We will descend from the ruins on the route of the Kaqchikel passing through remote Mayan communities on ancient agricultural infrastructure traversing canyons and ridges before dropping to the Rio Madre Vieja where we will enjoy a picnic lunch.

Agua Escondida, San Antonio Palopó, Panajachel

The second half of the day begins high above the lake traversing through a rich fertile region called “la cumbre” where amazing vistas abound. We will dip down into farmland following agricultural jeep and singletrack through plantations of avocado, coffee and fruit trees.

Agua Escondida, Guatemala (2025.0 m)

We will take a steep 4×4 road down to the shore to the town of San Antonio Palopó, 800m below. In San Antonio we’ll visit a weaving cooperative before continuing on the rolling terrain on the shore of the lake. Next, we’ll pass through the town of Santa Catarina Palopó famous for its textile markets and brightly painted buildings.

Santa Catarina Palopó, Guatemala (1625.0 m)

The last climb to Panajachel will end with a rewarding ride along the beach of Lake Atitlán. Finishing on the docks, we’ll enjoy a cool beverage, finishing on the docks we’ll enjoy a cool beverage, catch the sunset from the market street Calle Sentender – and check into our hotel located just a few blocks away for the night.

Tecpán – Pana Canyon Route

Part 2 – La Cumbre

DistanceAscentDescentMax Altitude
 38.87 km (24.16 mi)733 m (2,405 ft)-2,008 m (-6,588 ft)2,836 m
(9,305 ft)

Highland Traverse

Today we will go deep into the indigenous communities above the lake. You will see rural life at its purest as we pedal along beautiful dirt roads and highland jeeptrack through sheep meadows and pine forests. After a shuttle to the rim of the caldera of Lake Atitlán, we climb 3mi to an alpine plateau at 1800m (9200ft) El Corazón de Las Nubes (the heart of the clouds) – a Mayan ceremonial site. We will follow old logging roads with unmatched views of the lake and its environs. Canyons and volcanoes abound.

Chupól, Guatemala (2707.7 m)


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Part 1: Panimaché Atiltán Slickrock

Part 2 San Andres Semetebaj – Panajachel

Day Two Totals:

DistanceAscentDescentMax Altitude
2,836 m (9,305 ft)733 m (2,405 ft)-1,957 m (-6,421 ft)2,836 m (9,305 ft)
 Lake Atitlán Sololá, Guatemala

Why Ride With Us?

With years of experience riding, racing and exploring in Guatemala all our routes are carefully designed and unique.

We are direct. When you book a trip through us there are no middlemen – no “in country partners”. We work directly with all accommodations and keep our costs honest.

Ride like a local. We can connect you with local cycling culture and cycling events like no other travel company.

We are reliable. When timelines and punctuality matter we cut the riff-raff and get you out and riding.

Guatemala Mountain Bike Tours - MTB Guatemala

Additional information

Riding Time2 Days


ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE Departure time: 6am (a stop for breakfast is included en-route)

This tour starts and finish from Antigua, Guatemala

Please let us know your hotel and will be happy to meet you there!

If you are already staying or have plans to stay at Lake Atitlán we can meet you in Panajachel for this tour.

Arriving internationally? let us know if you would like us to pick you up at the airport

This tour makes a great jump off for a stay at Lake Atitán. If you would like to extend the tour with another day of riding or to stay beyond your tour just let us know – we wold be happy help you coordinate your accommodation.
Day 1: Tecpan-Pana

Breakfast in restaurant

Picnic Lunch

Day 2: Atitlán Highlands

Breakfast in restaurant

Picnic Lunch

Meals, Snacks 4 Star Accommodation
Transportation including follow car and multiple shuttle uplifts Professional driver
Amazing Profesional Guide Full Suspension Bike Rental
Breakfasts and Lunches Bottled and/or filtered water
Trip planning and packing assistance Bike maintenance support and access to our tool kit
Gratuities for guides and drivers

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Rad volcanic views en route to Lake Atitlán.  chimaltenango, Guatemala
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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 5 reviews
January 4, 2019

Had a fantastic time with MTB Guatemala this past week. Took a two day tour with Brendan from Tecpan to Panajachel. Great riding, beautiful scenery and cool sites. Stopped at a weaving collective and also ancient Mayan Ruins. Truly spectacular. Please note, when he says Advanced Level he means it. Guatemala has rugged mountains with steep ups and rowdy downs. This ain’t your cush American tour, it’s a rugged MTB Adventure!! Highly recommended.

January 19, 2019

Amazing 2-day journey across the Guatemalan culture and geography and kindness of Brendan and all his team. A must do if you are curious and love biking!

February 1, 2019

At first I was hesitant about the price of this tour, but by the end of it, I was surprised it was so cheap! I got more from that two day tour than I did from my 10-day stay in Antigua. It was a magical experience.

MTB Guatemala set me up with a high-end full suspension trail bike with a dropper post, 27.5 wheels and 150mm of travel. After beating on that thing for two days, I’m not sure how he made any money off me. The climbs were challenging, the downhills were a good mix of technical and fun, the villages were remote, and the views were surreal. Everything about that tour was surreal and provided me with a lot of insight into Guatemala and where it’s at in its history.

This tour left my first-world brain buzzing for the next couple of days. I’m also a much more skilled and confident mountain biker as a result. Can’t say enough good things! Money well spent!

March 29, 2019

A badass tour! The MTB Guatemala crew is very knowledgeable of the area and operates their business professionally, while having a lot of fun. The terrain of this trip offers a variety of challenges from mud, to dusty historical trails, all while giving you a cultural Mayan experience…. and the views, wow!

With such a rich Mayan presence, there I always the opportunity to find new connecting trails too. Brendan leaves the possibility of discovery an option, which makes for an exciting adventure.

I highly recommend this mtb trip to give you a purposeful trip in the Mayan mountains of Guatemala. Solid!

January 20, 2020

I am an avid Road cyclist and Intermediate MTB rider with family ties in Guatemala. I found these guys through a country of Guatemala instagram page and their pictures stood out above of the others. So after salivating for over 6 months from their constant breathtaking posts, my sister and I bought this tour.

The Scenery:
The pictures do not compare to experiencing the mumbling beauty of Guatemala in person. Everything is so green!!! And the routes are the actual trails of the ancient Mayan cultures that are still used by the locals, who are actually very humble and welcoming as you pass by. The corn fields were a huge eye opener for me. I am sure those who live in urban environments will take away something from seeing that the way of life here.

The Tour Guides:
Our tour guides Alex, and Nefta were beasts on the bike! And they can easily become your best friends. They are Super strong going up hill and they never get off there bikes during the most technical drops. Alex, our main guide gave us, from what I can only describe as very hip/academic lectures of every point interest , which there a lot!! e.g. Iximche. Which is why I dubbed him ”el profesor.”

Eric our driver who drove us from Antigua to the starting point in his very RAD converted school van from Korea, is the sweetest guy and again is someone who can be your best friend. Is always there at check points to make sure everyone feed and safe and will be there to the rescue if need be.

The Ride:
I came some what advanced. I like to climb steep hills and have been able to ride 100+ miles with 6000ft of climbing in one day on a road bike. And I was not let down by the difficulty. This was a rewarding trek which is definitely not for beginners, but seriously something to aspire to.

Nothing beats climbing through cool fresh air. As It helps your ascent. I didn’t even feel much need for water. The hills never felt impossible but very seldom they got to a very steep grade maybe “17,” so I may have walked it up a few times.. but still, it only made me want to improve.

The downhill is challenging, there were some falls but nothing my sister and I couldn’t handle. Luckily there are forks in the road where Alex and Nefta gave us the option to try an intermediate level route. I only did the advanced routes, which were too advanced for me at times, as I am not an avid mtb climber. But having Alex and Nefta there teaching and showing me how it’s done makes me feel confident I can one day do it.


It all ends at Lake Atitlan, the most photogenic lake on the planet. The photos were spectacular. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the memories. And the guides really are great photographers. Your Instagram will be set!

As of this writing I am currently in Guatemala trying to book a last minute ride with them before I leave. For me, what these guys offer is priceless, I feel more connected to my parent’s country then I ever have before.

I strongly MTB Guatemala! If you are looking to tour a beautiful country without being your standard tourist, then this is for you!


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