COVID-19 Resources for travelers traveling to Guatemala

Guatemala's international airport La Aurora officially reopened for business on September 15 2020 with new protocols in place for COVID-19. The purpose of this article is to provide COVID-19 Resources for travelers traveling to Guatemala latest updates on flights, and testing requirements for entry.

Exploring the Blue River

The first edition of Explorando Río Azul becomes part of the history of Jacaltenango along with the town's annual fair.
Travesia Rio Azul

Project Somos Children’s Village

Proyecto Somos, a non-profit organization in Tecpán, aims to create an ecologically and economically sustainable village to help Guatemalan children living in conditions of extreme poverty.
Project Somos Guatemala

Biking to the Giant Kite Festival

The first of November in Guatemala is a very special holiday. The day commemorates the day of "All Saints" in addition to the "Sumpango Giant Kite Festival"
Mountain BIking to the festival de Barriletes Gigantes

Timeline of COVID-19 events in Guatemala

Timeline of events and presidential actions relating to the COVID19 Pandemic in Guatemala

El Río Azul – “The Blue River”

El Río Azul is a unique site with a pristine blueriver located deep in the heart of the Cuchumatánes mountains.
Travesia Rio Azul

Valle Todos Santos

Distinctive town deep in the heart of the Cuchumatánes mountains.
Traditional clothes of the men of Todos Santos Los Cuchumatánes , Guatemala

El Mountain Bike en Jacaltenango, Huehuetenango

La primera edición de la travesia rio azul se convierte en parte de la historia de Jacaltenango junto con la feria anual del pueblo.
Travesia Rio Azul

Its More than Mountain Biking

In recent months the joy of visiting new places and friendly faces has been replaced by a new fear as we all cope with an invisible threat. Mountain biking is not the same, and I don't think it will be the same for a while..
A 2 month trip by bike across mexico and Guatemala. Laguna Petén Itza Peten, Guatemala

Cycle Touring in Territorio K’iche

Exploring Quiché and the Chichicastenango market by bike
Mountain Biking in Quiché Guatemala