Flying with your bike

Guatemala is closer than you think! – Most direct flights from the US are a mere 3-4 hours.

Flights to Guatemala are relatively cheap! – Averaging ~$450 from the US / Canada

We have included the following Guatemala travel tips to make sure your travel to the country is as smooth as possible.

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Average PriceCheapest MonthExpensive Month
Houston, Tx$223Jan ($270)Dec ($734)$200 – $300$300-$400$200 – $300$250 – $350$350 – $400$450 – $500$400 – $500
Miami, FL$280Aug ($300)Dec ($550)$200 – $300$300-$400$500 – $550$400 – $450$300 – $400$300 – $400$500 – $550
New York, NY$351Feb ($315)Dec ($772)$300 – $400$300-$400$600 – $700$700 – $800$400 – $450$400 – $450$700 – $800
Denver, CO$498Apr ($490)Jan ($862)$350 – $450N/A$700 – $800$700 – $800$450 – $650$700 – $800$700 – $800
Chicago, IL$576May ($359)Dec$200 – $300$400 – $500$400 – $450$400 – $450$400 – $450$450 – $500$450 – $550
Los Angeles$287Aug ($290)Dec ($800)$300 – $400$250 – $300$600 – $650$500 – $600$400 – $450$450 – $500$500 – $550
Vancouver, CA$467Oct ($434)DecN/A$400 – $500$350 – $400$500 – $600$300 – $350$700 – $800$600 – $650
Toronto, CA$329Nov ($328)N/A$500 – $600$500 – $550$500 – $600$300 – $400$300 – $350$600 – $700
Montreal, CAN/A$400 – $500$700 – $800$400 – $450$300 – $400$650 – $700$550 – $600
Bicycle Fee$75 each Way$30 Each Way$200 Each way$150 Each Way$150 Each Way$150 Each Way$150 Each Way

Who Should I Fly With?

Although their service leaves much to be desired our airline of choice for getting to and from Guatemala from the United States and North America with your bicycle is Spirit or Interjet Airlines. 

Flyer Beware

Bicycle Fees

It seems like every year Airlines raise their fees for Sporting Equipment including bicycles.

You can easily double the price of your travel to Guatemala if you take your bike on airlines such as American ($150 each way) and United ($200 each way).

Our Airline of choice for travel to Guatemala is Spirit or Interjet – with the lowest combination of fares and bicycle fees.



If you have transfers through the United States or Mexico be aware bags such as your bike will not be checked directly to your destination. You will need to pass through immigration and additional screening with your bike – which can be a serious PITA.

Transfers through the Mexico city airport from the US to Guatemala are especially tough – with the two flights arriving and departing in separate terminals – meaning you may need to walk miles with your bike box.

On long layovers in the US or Mexico you may be stuck with your bike box as many airlines do not allow checking bags more than 2hrs before a flight.

Flying with your Bike

Preparing your bike

As riders ourselves we have fought many times with airlines over damaged bikes and over-charges for checked baggage.

A few tips and tricks for flying with your bicycle to keep the bike safe:

  • Remove the fork completely from the bike and wrap it separately – store the headset bearings / top-cap on the steerer tube
  • Remove the rear derailleur – you don’t have to disconnect the cable – make sure to wrap the derailleur in foam / bubble wrap
  • Remove your crank completely – usually this is a matter of loosening one bolt. – Cranks / chainrings often rip through packaging.
  • Wrap your brake levers / shifters with cardboard to protect them.
  • De-Pressurize Your dropper post and transport in the low position.
  • Although airlines say you need to take the air out of your tires – you only need to drop them down to ~10psi this is especially helpful with tubeless tires so the sealant doesn’t leak out.
  • Pack as much equipment / clothing / shoes etc. in with your bike – this not only helps you pad the bicycle for transport but helps cut down on other baggage fees.
Arriving in Guatemala

What to do at the Airport

The simplest way to get your hands on Quetzales, the local currency is to take out cash from the ATM at the airport.

There are ATM’s in the baggage carousel area. The Current exchange rate is roughly 7.4 GTQ (Quetzales) to the US Dollar

Most travelers head directly to Antigua from Guatemala city.  A shuttle ride from the airport takes anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on traffic.

Airport Transfer

Allow us to pick you and your bike up from the airport


Be Prepared

Extra Parts

When you arrive in Guatemala we will be happy to help assemble your bike at our bike shop as well as assist with any repairs / bag storage for the duration of your trip. That being said this is Guatemala and you should still come prepared with extra parts which can be very difficult to find here in the country and could leave you stranded without a bike to ride.

Basic Parts Kit:

  • Replacement derailleur hanger
  • 2 pairs of replacement brake pads
  • Chain Lube
  • Tubeless fluid (8oz)
  • Mini-Pump
  • Patch Kit
  • Quick Links for your chain
  • 2 Extra tubes

Bomber Parts Kit

Basic kit plus:

  • Extra Tire
  • Various Chainring sizes
  • Extra rear derailleur
  • Extra complete rear brake