The Best Mountain Bike Tours in Guatemala

Mountain Bike Guatemala is the product of years of exploration, racing and guiding. We run the best Guatemala Mountain Bike Tours with customizable itineraries that connect Mayan sites on Mayan trails.

A mere 200 miles wide, Guatemala is home to incredible terrain, culture and biodiversity. Two oceans, 14,000ft volcanoes, and 21 Mayan languages make for a country that is far from ordinary.  Let us show you Guatemala by bike!

Brendan James – Director

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Our 3 Top Mountain Bike Tours

It’s the season of shred!

Check out these three must do mountain bike tours in Guatemala

  , Guatemala


Baja Verapaz

April 1-7, 2023


Day Of The Dead Enduro

Oct 27- Nov 1, 2023

Mountain Biking in Totonicapán Guatemala  Totonicapán, Guatemala


Guatemalan Highland Tour

Dec 27- 2 Jan ’24

2022-23 Confirmed departures

Our multi-day trips include vehicle support, meals, exclusive house and cabin rentals, and the best shuttle-supported singletrack in the country.


Rad bike tours in Guatemala’s less traveled highlands. The raw landscapes and trails will not disappoint. Brendan does a great job of guiding; making sure everything is taken care of, from top notch bikes to custom built routes and comfy hotels.   More…

Having ridden with a couple of outfits, let me say without hesitation that if you want to go mountain biking in Guatemala, you definitely want to choose MBG. The bikes they carry are in a totally different league than what’s offered by other tour operators. More…

MTB Guatemala is the spot for a unique mountain bike adventure. Brendan and the squad have an impressive depth of knowledge when it comes to the abundant trails in Guatemala. Top that off with dialed-in logistics and authentic experiences in remote villages that you’d never otherwise see.. More…

Awesome!! We went on a 5 day Enduro tour. Somewhere north of 100 miles in total. Everything exceeded expectations. We rode all types of trails including some intense unique winding downhill runs like nothing I’ve ridden before. More…


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Epic Mountain Bike Tours

With years of experience riding, racing and exploring we are here to show you the best mountain biking in Guatemala.

Why Ride With Us?

All the routes we guide are unique to our company with itineraries are designed to provide an inside perspective on Guatemala and Mayan culture.

Mountain biking in Guatemala is one of the most immersive ways to see the country – providing a glimpse into everyday life you simply can’t get from traditional travel.


We are not cheap. We rent nice equipment and we pay our employees well. 

The routes we guide are a result of years of exploration and collaboration with the local cycling community in Guatemala.

Learn about our sustainability initiatives and how our efforts are changing the stereotypes of Guatemala – for the better. 

Personalized Guatemala Mountain Bike Tours

Let us know your interests and we will design a stellar muli-day mountain bike tour that balances technical singletrack, volcanic vistas and connects Mayan sites throughout the country.

Looking for an all-inclusive multi-day point to point epic? Contact us and we will put together a package that will fit your group ability and budget.

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Guatemala Mountain Biking Regions

A mountainous country with a diversity of micro-climates, Guatemala is quickly becoming a mecca for adventure mountain biking.

14,000 ft

The highest volcanoes

10,000 ft

Alpine Riding – Above Treeline

6,000 ft

Pine Forests

3,000 ft

Tropical Forests

Sea Level

Caribbean and Pacific

Mountain Biking in the Cuchumatánes Mountains Los Cuchumatánes Huehuetenango, Guatemala
 RN-05 Baja Verapaz, Guatemala
  , Guatemala
Mountain Biking at San Pedro La Laguna Lake Atitlán Sololá, Guatemala



3000m + (10,000ft +)

Tierra Helada

Above treeline, Occasional frosts – Guatemala has the best high altitude riding in Central America!

3000m + (10,000ft +)

1700m – 3000m
5500 ft – 10,000 ft

Tierra Fría

Pine forests and cool climates


1700m – 3000m
5500 ft – 10,000 ft

1000m – 1500m
3280 ft – 5000 ft

Tierra Templada

Rich agricultural lands – coffee and fruit trees


Lake Atitlán

1000m – 1500m
3280 ft – 5000 ft

< 1000m
< 3280 ft

Tierra Caliente

Tropical climate -Banana and sugar plantations. Guatemala is also home to two oceans – the caribbean and the Pacific.

< 1000m
< 3280 ft

nivel de mar

Los Volcánes

Guatemala has some of the most unique volcanic terrain in the world – with over 20 volcanoes and 3 Active ones.

nivel de mar

The Latest from our blog

The MTB Guatemala Journal

Collecting stories from riding in the land of the eternal spring! Trip reports, events, and perspectives written by Guatemalans at the forefront of their sport.

Oct 3rd – Tecpán Pana (Single Day)

Oct 3rd – Tecpán Pana (Single Day)

One of the best single day mountain bike rides in Guatemala, connect the high pine forested mountains of Tecpán with Panajachel on the shores of Lake Atitlán.

Feb 8th – Pacaya Volcano Enduro (One Day)

Feb 8th – Pacaya Volcano Enduro (One Day)

Cross fiery lava fields and descend over 2500m in one day. Our Pacaya enduro mountain bike tour is one of a kind.

Mar 23rd – Cerro Quemado – Fuentes Georginas (2 Day)

Mar 23rd – Cerro Quemado – Fuentes Georginas (2 Day)

Connect to the spectacular volcanoes in Quetzaltenango by bike! Visit Cerro Quemado – an extinct sacred volcanic cone surrounded by lava fields

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¿A dónde quiere ir después?

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