Biking to the Giant Kite Festival

Arriving to the festival de Barilletes Gigantes in an ecological and fun way! Connecting Mayan history, celebration and culture with Mountain Bike Guatemala

November 1 is a normal day to most, but in Guatemala it is a very special holiday. On this day the day of “All Saints” is commemorated in addition to the Festival de Barriletes Gigantes or Giant Kite Fetival in Sumpango, Sacatepéquez. The festival has been declared by “UNESCO” as an important event for the Cultural Heritage of Guatemala.

Photo: Brendan James ©2019

According to Mayan traditions, and what our grandparents tell us the day of “Todos los Santos” is a mystical celebration; a special opportunity to communicate with our ancestors.

Since children we have gone to the cemeteries with our families to visit the deceased. All Saints day is a celebration, a day to fly kites, taste cold cuts, roast corn, and prepare delicious traditional dishes.

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