Home to the Kaqchikel Maya and a strong Swiss-German influence Tecpán Guatemala is a mountain city with a layered history.

Located at 2200m (7,200ft) in the heart of the Guatemala highlands Tecpán is situated in a pine-forested region. The area once served as the capital of the Kaqchikel Maya – who built the metropolis of Iximché (1300AD) atop steep cliffs.  It is said that the country’s name originated here, from the K’iche’ word Quauhtemallan or “place of many trees”


5 Stars

Seven days point to point cross country MTB adventure connecting waterfalls, caves, Semuc Champey and rafting on the Rio Cahabón! All Inclusive.

March 24 – 31st, 2024

Mountain Biking in Tecpán Guatemala

The mountain biking in Tecpán Guatemala is characterized by high altitude, cool pine forests – pine needle singletrack and impressive views of the volcanoes of Lake Atitlán. With hundreds of mountain bike trails and tons of climbing it’s no wonder Guatemalan national cross country champion Jhonnathan DeLeon grew up training here.

Tecpán has a strong German / Swiss influence which you can see in the many log cabins and chalet restaurants. The weather here is cool to cold and many of the older houses have fireplaces – this is not your typical Guatemala!

The highlands of Guatemala look a lot more like Europe at times - riders pass through a beautiful forested #finca near Tecpán. ?? Carretera Panamericana Interamericana Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Cerro Tecpán

Rising to 3300m (10,800ft) Cerro Tecpán’s pine-forested slopes are home to hundreds of trails – interconnecting woodlots and fincas. Guatemala’s first highway CA-1 once passed through here following the ridge of the mountain. CA-1 has long been abandoned but provides a fantastic backbone for a trail system that is utilized by horse and bike travel.

Tecpán Guatemala
Our Mountain Cabin in Tecpán Photo: Brendan James ©2022 MTBguatemala.com

Our Tecpán Basecamp

In 2019 we moved our operations to Tecpán, renovating a mountain cabin and opening a 300 acre nature park at 2700m. Why Tecpán you may ask? Put simply it’s got the best mountain biking in the country with unprecedented access to nature and trails.

It’s all downhill from here

From it’s central location in the mountains Tecpán makes the perfect jump-off for a multi-day mountain bike adventure to neighboring Lake Atitlán and Quiché.

Tecpán Guatemala
Photo: Brendan James ©2022 MTBguatemala.com


Below Tecpan lie the barrancos of Patzún, a sprawling web of spidery and steep eroded canyons. The riding here is high, dry and varied. Linking long descents you can connect to the lake with over 2000m (6500ft) of downhill.

2 Day Tecpán - Pana Tour. Lake Atitlán , Guatemala
2 Day Tecpán – Pana Tour.

Our Top 3 Mountain Bike Tours in Tecpán Guatemala

2 Day Tecpán - Pana Tour. Lake Atitlán , Guatemala
Tecpán – Pana

The Route of the Kaqchikel

Two days of classic point to point biking all inclusive. Hotels, transport and meals

Tecpán Guatemala
Tecpán Enduro Day Rides

Connect our favorite technical trails that have taken us years to construct!

Tecpán Guatemala
Tecpán XC Day Tour

Green pastures and tough climbs. All tours start from out base in Tecpán!

Paseos Principiantes – Each and every Sunday in Tecpán
Tecpán Guatemala
Photo: Brendan James ©2022 MTBguatemala.com

Tecpan Guatemala Gallery

Tecpán Guatemala
Mayan Ruins of Iximche Photo: Brendan James ©2021 MTBguatemala.com

Full List of our Tecpán Tours


Pinchazos in Patzún

Pinchazos in Patzún! We've been up to it again, putting together a new enduro itinerary in our neighboring town of

Ruta de Fresas Tecpán

​ ​ Ride through strawberry fields surrounded by colourful landscapes on our leisure tour in Tecpán!

Tecpán - Pana (Single Day)

Connect the high mountains of Tecpán to the shores of Lake Atitlán in a single day mountain bike tour.
5-8 hours

Tecpán Cross Country Day Ride

Tecpán Cross Country Day Rides Deep pine forests, steep, rocky canyons and a labyrinth of logging roads and ancient natural

Tecpán Paseos Principantes

Tecpán Tours: Paseos Principiantes Come enjoy the fresh air on our Paseos Principiantes beginner mountain bike tour in Tecpán. Why

Cumbre al Mar - El Paredón

Nearly 3000m (10,000ft) of descent from the chilly mountains of Tecpán to the surf town of El Paredón on the

Day of the Dead Enduro - Nov 2024

Join us for 5 days of epic gravity assisted riding in Guatemala along with local celebration and culture!

Fall Highland Tour

5 days of fantastic intermediate cross country mountain biking culminating with a visit to the travesía Campanabaj.
Cross Country Mountain Bike Tours

Guatemalan Highland Tour

Our 7 day Guatemalan highland mountain bike tour is a one-of-kind introduction to the country and it’s amazing riding. Experience
Cross Country Mountain Bike Tours

Tecpan-Pana Route of the Kaqchikel

Follow the path of the Kaqchikel Maya in this new multi-day mountain bike route for 2019! With high-altitude pine forests,

5 Day Enduro Tour

The best enduro rides in Guatemala in 5 jam-packed days.

Lake Atitlán Enduro P2P

2 days of technical enduro riding around Lake Atitán with raw agricultural trails and cliff-lined singletrack with views that will

2 Day Atitlán XC (Advanced)

An amazing way to discover Lake Atitlán. Remote, canyons deep forests and rugged agricultural singletrack.

Before you go

Tecpán Bike Shops

Bici Sport Tecpán

DeLeon Cycles

The climate in Tecpán Guatemala is perfect for mountain biking and is characterized by cool mornings – at or near freezing warming to daytime highs of 16°C (65°F)

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