Mountain Biking at Lake Atitlán
Mountain Biking at Lake Atitlán is all about incredible views and timeless Mayan culture. Steep and rugged – this enormous crater lake is hidden mountain bike gem.

More than single destination – Lake Atitlán is a region of deep canyons, towering volcanoes and rich Mayan culture. With so much to explore many travelers find themselves coming for a a day or two but end up staying for much longer.

Towns and Villages for Mountain Biking at Lake Atitlán

There are 12 towns around Central America’s deepest Lake –each with their own culture and traditions.  Panajachel is considered the main gateway to the lake for many tourists and is known for its large market. Santiago de Atitlán, at the southern side of the lake, is the largest of the towns. San Marcos on the north side of the lake is a famous destination for Yogis. At Lake Atitlán the people speak three Mayan languages: Kaqchikel, K’iche and Tzʼutujil.

Mountain Biking at Lake Atitlán
Mountain Biking at Lake Atitlán
2 Day Tecpán – Pana Tour. Agua Escondida, Guatemala (1800m) Photo: Brendan James ©2018


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March 24 – 31st, 2024

Mountain Biking at Lake Atitlán

(Brendan James)
When I first visited Guatemala in 2012 I came to Lake Atitlán and I stayed. 2 years later I would move on but not after exploring every footpath that I could, seeking out the best trails for riding. The Lake Atitlán area re-kindled my love for the mountain bike and gave me plenty to explore.

The climate at the lake is perfect: 10-20C (50-70F) year round – not to hot or cold!  The mountains here are home to rocky, pine forest riding, with extensive steep canyons in all directions.  A supervolcanic, crater, all the trails down to the level of the lake are rocky, technical and extremely steep.

Let us know your interests and we would be happy to put together a day or two of mountain biking at Lake Atitlán with customized routes of all levels.

Mountain Biking at Lake Atitlán Unnamed Road , Guatemala
Photo: Brendan James ©2020

Our Top 3 Mountain Bike Tours in Lake Atitlán

Lake Atitlán Oeste Mountain Bike Tour MTB Guatemala


Lake Atitlán P2P
 Lake Atitlán Sololá, Guatemala


2 Day Lake Atitlán XC Tour (intermediate)
Lake Atitlán Oeste Mountain Bike Tour MTB Guatemala


Atilán Oeste


Lake Atitán has been described as “the best weather in the world” temperatures fluctuate little throughout the year. Average daily temps range from 16-24°C (60-75°F)

Dry Season (Sept – May)

Dry, rocky grassy, during this season corn is harvested and many fields are left bare for months – with agricultural paths which lend themselves very well to mountain biking.

Rainy Season

During the rainy season (May – September) afternoon storms engulf the area around 4pm – Most days you can get out and ride in the morning with clear skies year round. Rains at the lake can be torrential – but short in duration, causing brief flooding.

Lake Atitlán Mountain Biking Gallery

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