Kilian Bron – Fuego

Behind the scenes of Kilian Bron Fuego in Guatemala. Kilian had a dream to bike Fuego Volcano we knew it wasn't going to be easy.
Killian Bron Fuego in Guatemala

Biking to the Giant Kite Festival

The first of November in Guatemala is a very special holiday. The day commemorates the day of "All Saints" in addition to the "Sumpango Giant Kite Festival"
Mountain BIking to the festival de Barriletes Gigantes

Cycle Touring in Territorio K’iche

Exploring Quiché and the Chichicastenango market by bike
Mountain Biking in Quiché Guatemala

Cicloturismo en Territorio Kiché

(español) Descubre el territorio de Quiché Guatemala: lugar de Cicloturismo y cultura Maya viva.
Mountain Biking in Quiché Guatemala

Mountain Biking on the Moon

Our inaugural overnight trip riding on the active Pacaya Volcano
, Guatemala

La Infinita

(Blog) : A 2800m descent on the backside of Lake Atitlán

Mountain Biking The route of the Kaqchikel Maya

(Blog): A varied crew follow the route of the Kaqchikel from the mountains of Tecpán to the shores of Lake Atitlán.
2 Day Tecpán - Pana Tour.  , Guatemala