Mountain Biking The route of the Kaqchikel Maya

After an exodus ~1200 A.D the Kaqchikel Maya found their way to the mountains of Tecpán. They used natural canyons and steep cliffs to fortify the defense of their capital city, Iximché. We follow the route of the Kaqchikel mountain biking to Lake Atitlán on an exclusive route with Mountain Bike Guatemala.

Tecpán – Pana Multi-Day Mountain Bike tour with MTB Guatemala

Few routes connect to Lake Atitlán from neighboring mountains of Tecpán. Over the years we have scouted and explored various trails and connections –none of them are easy. The riding this part of Guatemala is raw. Trails here are ancient and worn and the topography is extreme. No matter what variation of the Tecpán-Pana you take to Panajachel it makes for epic, full-day adventure on the bike.

Views towards Lake Atitlán and its surrounding Volcanoes. 2 Day Tecpán – Pana Tour. Tecpan, Guatemala (2319.6 m)

The goal was simple: take mountain bike tourism where it had never been before in the heart of the territory of the Kaqchikel Maya. We would follow ancient trials – sticking to singletrack as much as possible en route to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world: Lake Atitlán.

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