One of Guatemala’s smallest departments and stronghold of Mayan Culture Totonicapán has a history of resistance to Spanish colonization. Totonicapán is like a country within a country.

Mountain biking in Totonicapán is characterized by cold mountains, high pine forests and a K’iche culture all it’s own Totonicapán is small and mighty. Our overview of the regions wouldn’t be complete without mention of Totonicapán as one of the best mountain bike destinations in Guatemala.


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Seven days point to point cross country MTB adventure connecting waterfalls, caves, Semuc Champey and rafting on the Rio Cahabón! All Inclusive.

March 24 – 31st, 2024

Mountain Biking in Totonicapán Guatemala  Totonicapán, Guatemala
Mountain Biking in Totonicapán Guatemala

Mountain Biking in Totonicapán

The riding in Totonicapán is characterized by rocky, high pine forests and alpine plains. The area is home to thousands of trails and acuaducts which begin in the mountains and drop to the towns below.

Mountain Biking in Totonicapán Guatemala
Photo: Brendan James ©2018

Travesía Campanabaj

Held each year in Totonicapán Travesía Campanabaj is one of the largest mountain bike group rides in the country. In 2018 the event drew over 1000 cyclists from across Guatemala. The course climbs up from the town of San Cristóbal Totonicapán to the pine forests of Parcialidad Vasquez Otz’iles. Each year the travesia takes a different route – and is getting more Technical. If you haven’t gone Mountain biking in Totonicapán – this is a great way to get a taste.

Totonicapan Guatemala
Totonicapán, Guatemala (2503.2 m)

Photo By: Brendan James ©2018

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Totonicapán City

Originally known in K’iche  as ‘Chuimekenái, which means  “place on hot water.” The capital of Totonicapán is modern Mayan metropolis situated at 2400m the base of a large mountain range. The legend has it that Tecún Umán departed from here to face the Spanish Conquistador Don Pedro de Alvarado

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