Laguna Chichoy

Tucked into the mountains Laguna Chichoy is quintessential Tecpán. This former Swiss-German finca has been converted into an ecopark with an extensive property and several ponds for fishing.
Mountain biking at finca Chichoy Tecpán Chimaltenango, Guatemala

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Laguna Chichoy is located at 2600m in the cool pine forests of Tecpán. The property is part of the Mountain Forest biome of Sierra de Tecpán. An ecopark and finca, activities here include hiking picnicking and fishing. Exploring the property is like revisiting the past and affords the opportunity to experience the simple life in Guatemala.


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Laguna Chichoy Tecpán Guatemala
Finca Chichoy Tecpán, Guatemala Photo: Brendan James ©2020

Truchas Chichoy

Green and fertile, Laguna Chichoy is fed by springs in the nearby mountain. For a small fee you can fish in several ponds which are stocked with trout. The park also allows camping the night for guests bringing their own equipment. If you are planning to camp come prepared as temperatures in this region can get near freezing after dusk. At the property are many animals, including geese, ducks, cows sheep and goat. There are several cabins and structures including a waterwheel, and areas for picnicking.

chimaltenango, Guatemala Photo: Brendan James ©2018

Mountain Biking at Laguna Chichoy

Laguna Chichoy and the surrounding finca have numerous trails to explore by mountain bike. The slopes of cerro Tecpán provide substantial elevation change (1000m+) dropping into dry river canyons below. Several major mountain bike events pass through finca chichoy including the Rompe Piernas XC Marathon race held each may in neighboring Tecpán. Surrounding the finca are local foothpaths and 4×4 logging roads which are great intermediate mountain biking. Mountain Bike Guatemala passes through Laguna Chichoy on the second day of our Tecpán-Pana tour en route to Panajachel and Lake Atitlán.

Rivers connecting regions

The area between Tecpán and Lake Atitlán is full of complex deep canyons.  At altitude trails traverse pine forest and below following rocky rivers and spring lines. Laguna Chichoy supplies a network of canyons and rivers that form the headwatres to the Madre vieja river which flows to the Pacific.

Laguna Chichoy Tecpán Guatemala
Laguna Chichoy Tecpán, Guatemala Photo: Neftali Ajín ©2020

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