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Cumbre al Mar – El Paredón

Nearly 3000m (10,000ft) of descent from the chilly mountains of Tecpán to the surf town of El Paredón on the Pacific coast.

+679 m (+2,228 ft)

Tecpan-Pana Route of the Kaqchikel

Follow the path of the Kaqchikel Maya in this new multi-day mountain bike route for 2019! With high-altitude pine forests, a rich Mayan history, and tons of agricultural singletrack to explore Guatemala is an amazing place to ride a bike.

1748 m (5,735 ft)

Valle Escondido

A true backcountry loop – if you enjoy hiking with your bike, long, raw bushwack descents and a full day in the mountains where very few go -untouched cloud forest and incredible views await.

832 m (2,730 ft)

Volcán de Agua Super Enduro

A true mountain bike test-piece. Agua Volcano at 3760m (12,337ft ) is a high altitude epic with an incredible descent.

1727m (5,666ft)
-2263 (-7,425 ft)