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Giant Talon 29er Bike Rental

This 29in wheeled hardtail that climbs efficiently to get you to the top of the mountain.

2 Days, <2 hrs, 1-2 Days, 3-4 Days, 5+ Days

Guatemalan Highland Tour

Our 7 day Guatemalan highland mountain bike tour is a one-of-kind introduction to the country and it’s amazing riding. Experience a unique cultural bike trip that goes beyond the tourism map.

Cross Country Mountain Bike Tours

Lake Atitlán Oeste Mountain Bike Day Tour

Connect some of the best hidden viewpoints high above Lake Atitlán on this point to point cross country mountain bike tour

32km (20mi)
-6100ft (-1860m)

Ruta del Venado

La Ruta del Venado is a hard cross country tour in Tecpán, crossing through one of the last remaining regions with deer in the country.

Cross Country Mountain Bike Tours