Riding Style
101km (62.8mi)
2174m 7,133 ft
-6030m (-19,785 ft)
3520m (11,549 ft)
Max Alt.

November 26-29 2020

Backed by popular demand we are returning to Todos Santos “the Alps of Guatemala” for an exclusive multi day enduro tour. This 5 day mountain bike itinerary begins in Antigua and goes all the way to the top of the Cuchumatanes at 12,000ft. If you are looking for a massive shuttle assisted tour of Guatemala this is it! High altitude riding, incredible scenery and some of the longest technical singletrack descents await at the frontier…

Bus loaded with bikes a the Mirador Juan Diéguez Olaverri. Todos Santos Enduro Tour San Rafael Petzal, Guatemala (3133.8 m) Photo: Brendan James ©2018 MTBguatemala.com


This multi-day epic has a few elements that make it very special. On day three we will attend the famous Travesía de los Cuchumatanes – a massive local mountain bike group ride that drew 500 riders in 2018. Our tour culminates on day  4 with a legendary descent and visit to Todos Santos –-an area rich with Mayan culture.

High, alpine and unworldly

For those unfamiliar the north of Guatemala is absolutely stunning with a unique dry climate with rolling hills along a unique alpine plateau with agave plants and limestone cliffs. Locals here heard sheep and brave sub-freezing temperatures at night. The riding here is unworldly -unlike anything in North America. Trails are ancient, steep and rocky – following livestock paths and old trading routes.







5 Days of Riding3 Days of Riding
5 nights in Hotel2 Nights in Hotel
Bike Rental
DEPARTUREThurs Nov. 26th 2020 8am


Antigua, Guatemala

RETURNSunday November 29th 2020 10 pm
Meals Accommodation
Private Transportation Professional guide
5 Days of enduro riding Shuttle support
Attendance to local Travesía Mechanical Support

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Stage 1

Stage 2

Mirador Juan Diéguez Olaverri. Todos Santos Enduro Tour RN-9 N Huehuetenango, Guatemala
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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
November 25, 2019

Great rides, we did the tour with a group of 6 friends and enjoyed it all around. Exclusive trails at Xela, Cuchumatanes and Todos los Santos. We are from Guatemala and would not have been able to ride this trails without MTB Guatemala, very technical + hard, but completely worth it.

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