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2020 is right around the corner and we are excited to announce several new itineraries that connect the best of Guatemala by bike. Are you inspired to ride in a completely different part of the world? Come experience a wealth of Mayan culture, pine forested mountains, active volcanoes, shimmering coasts and technical trails with over 600 years of history. –The land of the eternal spring is waiting.


Foto: Cumbre al Mar tour

“Summit to the Sea”

An epic ride you could only do in Guatemala la Cumbre hasta el Mar. 3000m+ (10,000ft) of descent from the chilly mountains of Tecpán all the way to the ocean! Follow rugged jeep track cross a variety of climate zones and finish at the surf town of El Paredón on the pacific coast.

Confirmed departure! – Jan 24-26, 2020

Lets go!

2020 Calendar
Date Brief
Skill Price
Jan 4-5 Cumbre al Mar – El Paradón

( 2 Days) Ride from the mountains to the sea and stay at the surf town of El Paradon.

Med $350 /pp
Jan 11 Volcán de Agua Super Enduro

(Adventure) climb the Agua Volcano at 3,760 m (12,340 ft) for one of the longest technical descents in the country.

Hard $150 /pp
Jan 18-19 Tecpán – Pana

(2 Days) One of our most popular tours – ride to Lake Atitlán on on an ancient trading route of the Kaqchikel Maya

Med $350 /pp
Jan 23 Valle Escondido – Antigua

(Day Tour) Follow a remote ridge below the active Fuego Volcano with views to the Pacific coast.

Med $120 /pp
Jan 24 -26 Baja Verapaz – Full Enduro Weekend

(3 Days) Visit the Baja Verapaz department for two days of technical riding and attend the national enduro competition.

Med $395 /pp
Jan 27 Volcán de Agua Super Enduro

Day trip and filming

Hard $150 /pp

February 2020

Date Brief Skill Price


Pacaya Volcano Overnight Epic

(2 Days) Overnight camp and Guatemalan Cookout on the active Pacaya Volcano (includes camping equipment)



Bikepacking Totonicapán and Momostenango

(2 Days) Overnight bikepacking itinerary crossing the Mayan Heartland.

Med $250 /pp


Nebaj & Finca Mil Amores Y Chichi

(2 Days) Visit the “Alps of Guatemala” and stay in a dairy farm. Return via Chichicastenango.

Feb 13-21 9 Day Highland Enduro Epic Hard $2399 /pp
Feb 15-16 Toto y Quetzaltenango Enduro Weekend Med $395 /pp
Mar 21-29 Guatemalan Highland Tour – XC

(9 Days) Connect Mayan sites on Mayan trails in this epic multi-day highland tour. As featured in Outside Mag.


9 Day Highland Enduro Epic
Feb 13-21, 2020

By request we have extended our popular 5 day enduro tour to include a full week of riding that connects the best descents in the country. This point-to point shuttle assisted itinerary includes house rentals, mountain cabins, hot springs, and a rest day at Lake Atitlan. The tour culminates with a one-of a kind mule-assisted descent of the Agua Volcano at 12,800ft!

If you are an advanced rider looking for the MTB itinerary of a lifetime this is the trip to join!

Highland Enduro Epic 2020

$2399 Price Includes:

6 Days of Shuttle Assisted Riding

42,000ft! of descent

8 nights in Hotel
Guides, transportation
4×4 and Mechanical Support

This will be our last big trip this season so get on it!

‘Tis the season to ride bikes in Guatemala!

November was a whirlwind of events, tours and travesías (group rides) taking advantage the great weather this time of year in Guatemala. We started the month with the first edition of our trip to the Giant Kite Festival by bike – with great success. We had a diverse group of locals and foreigners including one of our youngest riders yet – 8 years old!

Our Todos Santos Enduro tour connected the toughest trails in the country on a 3 day itinerary in the north of Guatemala. We joined over 1000 other riders in community group ride to the summit of the Cuchumatanes mountains at 3400m. This was one of our biggest groups yet: 14 riders from several countries who pushed their limits on rocky terrain in the highest mountains in the country.

Custom 7 Day tour Review

MTB Guatemala does a fantastic job ensuring an amazing cycling and cultural experience. The guides (Alex and Neftali) are top notch at riding, safety, and knowledge of the land and culture. Brendan has mapped the trail systems of Guatemala at an intricate and impressive level. His enthusiasm for the country is contagious. The whole group was fantastic with all of us and provided for a truly unique, active, and cultural experience.
– Mary Jannik – (Colorado)
In November we did several family tours – showcasing a side of Guatemala few tourists see with cultural stops and points along the way. We also organized our first bikepacking itinerary in conjunction with including logistical support, bike rentals and bikepacking bags for La Ruta Maya.

New for 2010 – Pacaya Volcano Overnight Epic

For years we have been perfecting the perfect gravity assisted route to reach the active Pacaya volcano by bike. In a new 2020 collaboration with Finca El Amante ecopark we are offering a unique 2 day overnight trip and camping itinerary Traverse lava fields on the flanks of the volcano and enjoy a Guatemalan cookout and BBQ before descending to the coast. Over 8,000ft of decent in two days.

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MTB Guatemala Sweaters and T-Shirts

Our new 2020 apparel is in featuring the Artwork of Guatemalan artist Ale Bara!

100% sourced in Guatemala and featuring traditional fabrics and design.



Azul, Gris, Verde



Color: Negro


Thanks again for staying in the loop and I hope to see you in Guatemala soon!
-Brendan James

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